In today’s markets you aren’t only looking to reach more customers, but you also have the duty to keep your current customers happy so they can stay loyal to your company and product and keep using your services or buying your new products.

A loyal customer is a company’s most important asset. If you keep your current customers loyal they will bring with them more customers and even spread the word better than a bunch of marketing campaigns. They will get your name out there and you will have a good reputation between the potential customers.


Customer service outsourcing is a practice whereby a company outsources its help desk or customer care to a virtual provider who commutes from a location outside of the client’s business premises or country. A lot of companies and businesses are increasingly seeking customer care outsourcing because of the convenience benefit, as well as the cost reduction benefit that accrues from the practice compared to handling the task in-house.

What is customer service outsourcing?

Customer service outsourcing is the act of outsourcing some aspect of your customer service operations to a third-party vendor or service provider. A business process outsourcer (BPO) contact center is a team of outsourced agents who learn your products, services, policies, and brand voice to resolve customer requests across channels on your behalf.

Benefits of outsourcing customer service

If your initial response to the idea of outsourcing is negative, it’s possible your understanding of outsourcing needs modernizing.

International outsourcing grew wildly in popularity in the mid-1990s. This huge boom in outsourcing caused a lot of growing pains. As technology and processes have improved throughout the last few decades, these pains have mostly dissipated.

Today, shifting work to a BPO is an increasingly common move for growing companies. Here are a few benefits of outsourcing customer service:

  • Flexiblity: A customer service BPO can improve your ability to staff up for a busy season or provide after-hours support
  • Access specialized expertise: It’s an affordable way of getting expert help in key areas like customer support
  • Agility: It enables you to quickly scale and stay focused on other areas that need your attention

Why Use Novoservices for Customer Service Outsourcing?

At Novaservices, our customer support outsourcing services begin with our agents. We are committed to the continued training and development of our customer support agents, which is why we are able to set up outsourced customer service solutions for our clients around the world. Having an effective customer service strategy is about more than just people answering phones, however. In addition to recruiting and training the best candidates in the industry, we provide our staff with targeted training on your company, its culture, and products to ensure that our outsourced call center is truly an extension of your brand.

With offshore and near-shore solutions available, Novaservices is able to offer clients 24/7 customer support solutions so your customers can get the assistance they need when they need it most. Our bilingual staff delivers support to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking customers, giving you an edge over your competitors. Customer service outsourcing companies also enable you to get the real-time data and reporting needed to influence business decisions. Your team will be kept updated on everything happening in your outsourced customer service center so it can continue to deliver the results and value you need. Learn more by contacting a Novaservices representative today.