Additionally, it’s their job to manage the data exchanged between servers and users. They create most of the back-end components and bind applications with third-party web services. Modern development with node.js includes dozens of tools, libraries, services, etc. A Node.js developer must create database schemes that represent and support business processes. The developer must seamlessly integrate data sources and databases to configure applications. Node.js brings event-driven programming to web servers, enabling development of fast web servers in JavaScript.

Who is a Node.js Developer

Moreover, they take care of developing back-end components and connecting programs to other online services. Node.js allows the creation of Web servers and networking tools using JavaScript and a collection of “modules” that handle various core functionalities. Middle+ Node.js Developer job Modules are provided for file system I/O, networking (DNS, HTTP, TCP, TLS/SSL, or UDP), binary data , cryptography functions, data streams, and other core functions. Node.js’s modules use an API designed to reduce the complexity of writing server applications.

In some cases, keeping things short and sweet is definitely the best way to go — and your overall job description shouldn’t be overly long either. However, when it comes to the job title, it needs to be descriptive and attractive. Candidates like knowing exactly what they’re applying for, and showing them only a broad, generic definition isn’t a great option. Whether a startup, scale-up, or established organization, any company always wants to hire the best people. Hiring the best employees can significantly improve productivity, gain more opportunities, and even save relative costs. Back in 1995, JavaScript was created as a client-side scripting language.

Deno—a back-end runtime environment for JavaScript and TypeScript, also created by Ryan Dahl. The main thread function call posts tasks to the shared task queue, which threads in the thread pool pull and execute. When a thread in the thread pool completes a task, it informs the main thread of this, which in turn, wakes up and executes the registered callback. New major releases of Node.js are cut from the GitHub master branch every six months.

Your developer should be skilled and experienced in using JavaScript and its variants. Since Node.js uses JavaScript programming language, this skill is an indispensable requirement. In 2015, various branches of the greater Node.js community began working under the vendor-neutral Node.js Foundation. Node.js can be combined with a browser with your site , a database that supports JSON data (such as Postgres, MongoDB, or CouchDB) and JSON for a unified JavaScript development stack. Npm is the pre-installed package manager for the Node.js server platform.

Also, use bullet-point lists whenever you can, and bold the most important parts to highlight them. Some of the easiest turn-offs, especially for time-poor Node.js developers, are job ads formatted as huge blocks of hard-to-read text. It’s important to remember that your job description is your only chance at a first impression when it comes to new recruits. And that’s why you should be very thorough in eliminating any language that could be interpreted as discriminatory or biased. With this in mind, it’s important to specify if you’re offering a remote position, or you’re looking for an on-site developer in a specific area. • Participates in Scrum project meetings with other technical staff, business owners and subject matter experts.

Node Js Developers: Who Are They?

If you want your job ad to compel top candidates and engage them enough so they apply for the job, you’d do well to speak to them directly. • Focused on engineering and deploying cloud-based solutions leveraging AWS. While having a neat little job overview is all well and good, candidates will also want to learn more about their potential duties in more depth. That’s why this section outlines what your candidates will actually do on a daily basis.

This tool allows you to run code without a browser directly from the command line. All our developers went through a strict set of technical evaluations and interviews. By partnering with Full Scale, you will have the benefit of selecting a highly-skilled offshore Node.js developer of your choice.

Who is a Node.js Developer

Of course, the versatile nature of Node.js makes this even more important, because you want to give candidates a rough idea and a high-level overview of the position. As a recruiter or a hiring manager, you have a simple goal — you want to attract the best possible candidates to each of your job openings. But seeing as most Node.js developers have plenty of choices, you need to look at your job description like you’d treat your own job interview. Naturally, the title of your description is the job title for the position people are applying to — and you shouldn’t underestimate its vital role. After reading our sample, you’ve probably got a fairly good idea of what a great Node.js developer job description looks like. You’ve got an “end product” to work towards — now let’s dissect every part of it in more depth to help you craft the best possible job description.

Node.js provides a way to create “add-ons” via a C-based API called N-API, which can be used to produce loadable .node modules from source code written in C/C++. The modules can be directly loaded into memory and executed from within JS environment as simple CommonJS modules. The implementation of the N-API relies on internal C/C++ Node.js and V8 objects requiring users to import (#include) Node.js specific headers into their native source code. To address the issue, third parties have introduced open-sourced С/С++ wrappers on top of the API that partially alleviate the problem. They simplify interfaces, but as a side effect they may also introduce complexity which maintainers have to deal with.

Tips For Writing An Enticing Job Description For Node Js Developers

Hiring process — In case your company has a specific hiring process in multiple stages, make sure the candidates know what they’re signing up for so they can prepare adequately. Tech stack — If you’re not looking for a full-stack engineer, your Node.js developer wouldn’t really need to know your entire tech stack. Still, curious and passionate candidates will appreciate being able to learn more about your infrastructure right from the get-go. Point of contact — Most top-level candidates like a personal touch from recruiters; something to show how special the company considers them to be.

This will help you understand their job better and hire the best one for your team. Full Scale helps businesses grow quickly by providing access to highly skilled, remote developers. The Node.js Foundation Technical Steering Committee is the technical governing body of the Node.js Foundation. The TSC is responsible for the core Node.js repo as well as dependent and adjacent projects. Generally the TSC delegates the administration of these projects to working groups or committees. The LTS group that manages long term supported releases is one such group.


An active version receives non-breaking backports of changes a few weeks after they land in the current release. A maintenance release receives only critical fixes and documentation updates. The LTS Working Group manages strategy and policy in collaboration with the Technical Steering Committee of the Node.js Foundation. Modern desktop IDEs provide editing and debugging features specifically for Node.js applications.

If you want to level up your Node.js career in a caring atmosphere, reach out to us today! We’re fully dedicated to the professional development of every one of our employees. When you work with us, you can be sure that you’ll be working with top-tier developers who speak the language of technology fluently. Our wide roster of vetted candidates empowers you to choose the right person for your business goals. If you’re searching for a Node.js developer, then you’ve come to the right place.

Do you know exactly what their responsibilities are and the skills required to fulfill their tasks? This article breaks down all the things you need to know about a Node.js developer. The Philippines is one of the most popular offshore hiring destinations. The cost-effective option is not due to a lack of experience and talent. These countries offer lesser costs due to the difference in cost of living and the local economy.

Sample Node Js Developer Job Description Template

Even-numbered versions are cut in April and odd-numbered versions are cut in October. When a new odd version is released, the previous even version undergoes transition to Long Term Support , which gives that version 18 months of active support from the date it is designated LTS. After these 18 months expire, an LTS release receives an additional 12 months of maintenance support.

Other current groups include Website, Streams, Build, Diagnostics, i18n, Evangelism, Docker, Addon API, Benchmarking, Post-mortem, Intl, Documentation, and Testing. Node.js is primarily used to build network programs such as Web servers. In January 2010, a package manager was introduced for the Node.js environment called npm.

Hire A Node Js Developer From Full Scale

The package manager makes it easier for programmers to publish and share source code of Node.js packages and is designed to simplify installation, updating, and uninstallation of packages. Company culture — In today’s world, a healthy work-life balance and a non-toxic work environment are considered paramount by all top-level candidates. Considering this, you might want to include a separate section that further highlights your employee-oriented and wellbeing-focused company culture.

This model makes it highly efficient and lightweight; which is great for data-hungry apps that run on multiple devices. Examples of noteworthy companies that use Node.js are Microsoft, PayPal, eBay, and Yahoo. Node.js allows developers to use JavaScript for writing code and for server-side scripting. The latter means that you run the scripts on the server-side to create dynamic web pages before delivering them to the user’s browser. It is a really great idea to have a possibility to use one programming language for all aspects of work.

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