Customer service outsourcing is a practice whereby a company outsources its help desk or customer care to a virtual provider who commutes from a location outside of the client’s business premises or country. A lot of companies and businesses are increasingly seeking customer care outsourcing because of the convenience benefit, as well as the cost reduction benefit that accrues from the practice compared to handling the task in-house.

Characteristics of Outsourced Customer Service Centers

Outsourced call centers are furnished with top-class customer service equipment such as computers, telephones, and other applicable software programs. The virtual call centers that handle help desk outsourced services typically operate on a 24 hours basis since they have several shift workers. The representatives make outbound or inbound calls right from the cubicles. As mentioned, the call center may be located within a client’s business location in terms of the country (onshore outsourcing), or outside of the country where the business is located (offshore outsourcing).

Inbound calls refer to the calls that the customer service outsourcing provider receives from the client’s customers. The phone number is typically listed as a customer service line. The company’s representatives at an outsourced customer service center will take calls from the customers on behalf of the company via the listed contact number. Their duties include providing information about the company’s product and/or services and helping to provide solutions to customers while representing the company.

On the other hand, outbound calls refer to the calls that virtual customer service providers make on behalf of their client (a company or business) to customers. There are many reasons for outbound calls such as following up on previous service issues and updating customers on the company’s products and services, including new lines of products and special offers that the customers can take advantage of to reduce expenses.

Why Hire Customer Service Outsourcing Providers?

The need for customer service cannot be overemphasized as businesses need to seek competitive benefits in the present marketplace. One of the great ways to sustain consumer loyalty is to keep in touch with them to ensure they do not have any complaints about the company’s services or products.

Also, since most of the customer service outsourced centers operate 24/7, businesses leverage the opportunity to provide round-the-clock customer service. Subsequently, customers can call in just any time that is convenient for them, including during business hours and even at odd hours. So, businesses do not need to incur extra costs on overtime wages, as well as costs associated with extra training.

Multimedia customer service outsourcing centers provide extra services such as website support, email service, and e-commerce support in addition to handling inbound and outbound calls. The services provided by customer service outsourcing vendors may extend to taking orders, making reservations, donation collections, and fund-raising. Customers can speak with the representatives live over the internet or via online chat.

The outsourcing customer service provider bears the risk that comes with handling the task contracted to them, which in turn helps to reduce the overall risk that a company has to shoulder.

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